About Us



UCI Corporation Co., Ltd has been established since 2001. At the early stage, UCI is positioning itself as the authorized dealer for Motorola Solutions providing high quality radio transceiver equipment, solutions integration, turnkey design, rental, installation and maintenance. A couple of years later, UCI has extended its business opportunity. Representing and distributing a broader range of world class products including the tactical telecommunications, tactical equipment, surveillance systems and many more.

At present, UCI is a Telecommunications and Tactical Communication solutions/Tactical Equipment distributor accommodating to military, government, enterprises and private sectors.

Our Mission

UCI has committed itself on delivering high quality, military and commercial-grade products and associated value added services, such as installation, service, repair and maintenance.


Our Experience Installation and Commissioning

We provide installation, commissioning and support services to our customers based on either,    the scope and size of the project and/or on a contract basis.



We discuss with the customer their overall requirement as they see it and then suggest and devise solutions based on our knowledge and previous experience.


Mobile Platforms

We listen to the customer requirement and then advise the most cost effective solution in terms of technical and commercial conditions, undertake vehicle customization, equipment installation and commissioning.


Repair, Maintenance and After Sales Service.

We are fully authorized by some vendors to fully support/repair their equipment to both modular and component level. Maintenance is tailored to customer requirement/level, with various options available, covering corrective, preventive, software upgrade etc.


The Future

Since our inception in 2001 our sales revenue has increased year after years and this continuously growth never stops us from working hard to serve our customers needs. We have maintained a good quality product portfolio and expanding more opportunities for our partners (vendors).


Motorola Y2003



Motorola Y2003


Top Achiever (Gold)

Top Achiever (Gold) Motorola Winter Sonata Program 2005

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