Total Remote, M2M Asset Management & Data Communication System

Locate, monitor and control all land, marine and tactical assets operating in the most remote,
dangerous and challenging environments anywhere in the world.

Designed and developed by industry experts to withstand the Earth’s harshest conditions,
the SC2 provides truly global, 24/7 asset connectivity and the ultimate resilience for demanding
applications. This innovative, multi-functional, turn-key, data transfer solution is hard-wired to
any mobile asset and incorporates secure, online software to provide total, real time, pole-topole
connectivity anywhere in the world. The SC2 incorporates advanced, dual Iridium satellite and GPS/GPRS/GSM mobile technology to provide accurate global positional data to within TWO METRES.
No other product comes close to providing such a superior, ‘one box’, fit and forget, asset management
and data communications solution.


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